The VARIODYN D1 PAMMI management system for the simple, convenient display of system information on the VARIODYN D1 and for the operation and use of the voice alarm or announcement system. It is installed as a software application on a personal computer with the Windows operating system and offers ideal flexibility and freedom in operation and use.

The graphical user interface can be custom designed in any way desirable and practical for the specific facility. Whether list views, building plans or other graphical views are desired, with PAMMI it can all be done quickly and easily. This allows the entire voice alarm and announcement system to be operated and controlled from one or more places. This is provided by the proven server/client structure of PAMMI. Particularly for facilities like airports, train stations, distributed industrial plants, hotels, shopping centers etc., this offers great advantages and savings potential.

PAMMI = Public Address Man-Machine Interface

This product offers such extensive functionality that this description can only provide a brief overview. In any case, a comprehensive discussion with our specialists will be worthwhile.