6 W 6.5 "round metal, wall-, ceiling-mounted speakers EN 54


Approval: Approval as per EN 54-24, 1438/CPD/0232The loudspeaker DL-A 10-165/T EN 54 for voice alarm made of powder-coated metal in white with high degree of efficiency and a high-quality 165 mm broadband loudspeaker chassis.DL-A 10-165/T EN 54 can be installed on ceiling and walls, where no installation is possible. Flat and elegant design for unobtrusive installations provided with a metal back wall “protective cover” which manages without interfering. The loudspeaker is equipped for highest security requirements with a ceramic terminal and a thermal fuse. The Chassis is optimally protected against moisture by impregnation. The DL-A 10-165/T EN 54 offers a powerful sound besides the high safety standard.
Additional Information: Scope of Delivery:
Нагрузочная способность 10 Вт
Чувствительность_NT(1 м / 1 Вт)
Цветбелый, аналогичный RAL 9010
Масса #2прим. 1.3 кг
Разделение каналов> 75 дБ
Диаграмма направленности при 1 кГц80° при 1 кГц
Sensitivity_EN5490.7 дБ
Sensitivity_EN54_макс.100.7 дБ
Трансформатор10 / 6 / 3 / 1,5 Вт
Диапазон передачи290 ... 23400 Гц
Температура окружающей среды-20 °C ... 150 °C
РазмерыØ: 170 мм Г: 75 мм