6 W, 6.5 "MDF wall mounted speakers EN 54


Approval: Approval as per EN 54-24, 1438/CPD/0231WA 06-165/T-EN54 is a stable wall surface loudspeaker for voice alarm with high quality 165-mm- broadband loudspeaker chassis. It has a maximum power of 6 W and can be adjusted to 3 W or 1.5 W if required. The highly compressed MDF-wooden housing ensures the low resonance sound. A tough lattice grille made of steel plates ensures additional stability. The simple mounting takes place via spring loaded connector with back wall. This version is exclusively for pure wall mounting, if a ceiling mounting or a ball proof variant should be required, then WA 06-165/T-EN 54 V (Part.-No. 582420) is optionally available. With help of the protection norm IP 54, the operating reliability is guaranteed even under difficult environmental conditions. The loudspeaker is equipped with built in ceramic terminal and a thermal fuse. Additionally, the loudspeaker chassis is protected against moisture by impregnation.
Additional Information: For a possibly needed ceiling mounting or as a ball impact resistant variation, the WA 06-165/T-EN 54 V (Art.-Nr. 582420) is optionally available.Scope of Delivery:
Нагрузочная способность 6 Вт
Чувствительность_NT(1 м / 1 Вт)
Цветбелый, аналогичный RAL 9010
Масса #2прим. 1.95 кг
Разделение каналов> 75 дБ
Диаграмма направленности при 1 кГц83° (H), 74° (V) при 1 кГц
Уровень звукового давления_а105,3 дБ
Вид защиты IP 54
Sensitivity_EN5491.5 дБ
Sensitivity_EN54_макс.99 дБ
Трансформатор6 / 3 / 1,5 Вт
Диапазон передачи197 ... 21900 Гц
Температура окружающей среды-20 °C ... 150 °C
Размерыø: 252 мм В: 192 мм Г: 82 мм